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BrowneWright Consulting is a boutique consulting firm based in Sydney.

Rollo Browne has over twenty five years experience as coach and facilitator, specialising in impactful learning and development processes.



He brings to his work:

  • A value-added coaching process based on a belief in the inherent capacity of individuals to create resolutions to the situations they face.
  • Highly developed facilitation skills.
  • A capacity to think on his feet and work ‘in the moment’.
  • Application of his understanding of group dynamics to organisational culture and individual functioning in times of change.
  • A capacity to hold to purpose and deliver agreed outcomes.

Rollo’s professional experience of 30 years spans a variety of industries including education, health, telecommunications, financial services, state & federal government, not-for-profit.

He works with people and teams at all levels of organisations, providing a range of services to senior executives, team leaders, managers and frontline employees. Rollo strongly meets the challenge to work collaboratively with individuals and groups, to bring out their concerns in a way that underlying issues can be addressed. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading facilitators, he ran a public two-day course Masterful Facilitation for over 8 years.

Rollo is passionate about enabling sustainable leadership, engaging people using a range of techniques from facilitated sessions, action methods, collaborative processes and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Rollo is accredited to use Human Synergistics LSI/GSI/OCI/OEI/LI tools.

Professional associations include the Australian & Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association. Rollo recently presented on Action Methods in Coaching for The Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL), The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and The Leadership Circle (TLC). He is a Sociodramatist, TEP, and Executive Director of Psychodrama Australia. He works at the Sydney Campus, where he teaches the application of action methods in groups and one-on-one situations.


“Rollo accelerated my self awareness development particularly regarding my leadership values and style – his alternative, insightful yet at times candid style provoked me to reflect and grow. It also provided a different perspective to someone with a typical corporate and investment management lens. The result was improved confidence and awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement.” DT, CEO, Investment Management
“When working one-on-one or in small team work, Rollo creates a safe environment for difficult discussions and self-examination – and all my teams that have worked with Rollo felt positive not just about the experience but about the way they worked together, changes that lasted on and on, and benefits that I have reaped over and over.” MB, Executive Director, NSW Public Sector
Rollo Brown’s coaching is collaborative, respectful and to the point. His ability to facilitate change in my performance has resulted in a significant improvement in my management and leadership skills. SR, General Manager
Rollo has facilitated my self-awareness about my interactions with others, as a manager and as a member of a team. Rollo’s approach is incredibly supportive and insightful and has helped me to improve both my leadership and my management style. Rollo provides a great sounding board for reflection and thinking about different ways of tackling things. SG, Manager, NSW Public Sector