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A 3 Day Experiential Workshop for Coaches Looking to Bring Vitality & Immediacy to Their Work – Sydney

  • You are a competent coach, reasonably effective with a range of clients..
  • Your frameworks and approaches work, but do not always generate the level of engagement and enthusiasm you would like…
  • You are interested in learning something new..
  • What if you could generate more freshness and life in your coaching sessions?
  • What if you could work more directly with what is presented the here and now?

What to Expect

At the heart of Action Methods is the belief that within each of us lies a creative genius – within you as a coach and within your client. A creative genius that can rise up and meet a new challenge, or develop a fresh response to an old problem. But at times our genius, our spontaneity, our creativity is blocked. We get stuck in our old problems and old habits, sometimes without even realising it!

If our coaching clients can access their inherent spontaneity and creativity and bring that to the situation they are facing then our work together is much more vital and immediate. It is both more effective and rewarding. To do this we, as coaches, also have to access our own spontaneity and creativity.

The concepts and tools that support this  are relatively simple yet profound.The cornerstone of the method is concretisation– a ‘show don’t tell’ approach – generating an experience that unifies thought, feeling and action, thus deepening and enriching learning and change outcomes.

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of the method, its four branches of Psychodrama, Sociometry, Sociodrama and Role Training, and explore IN ACTION how you might incorporate and apply them to bring new vitality and immediacy to your coaching practice.

The workshop will be highly experiential, utilising your real coaching situations as a crucible for learning.

You can expect to:

  • Learn about the core concepts and techniques of the Action Methods methodology, in a coaching relationship context.
  • Deepen your capacity to recognise and work with the moment by moment functioning of your client and yourself.
  • Experience and practise techniques to support your clients in heightening their awareness and spontaneity.
  • Exploring current situations and developing new behaviours/solutions.
  • Expanding awareness of self at individual, team and organisational levels.
  • Concretising Sociometry – key relationships and their role system – to understand key relationships.
  • Warming up to development of progressive roles.
  • Building congruence in thoughts, feelings and action.
  • Experience the power of action to heighten awareness and spontaneity.
  • Explore application of Action techniques to deepen and enhance your core coaching competencies.

Cost & Other Details

When 9am to 5pm, 3 days as scheduled. Where The Awareness Institute Suite 1/20 Clarke St Crows Nest NSW 2065 Sydney, Australia Pricing $1,790 + GST

  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required on registration.
  • 10% Early Bird Discount when fee is paid in full by 12 weeks beforehand.
  • Payment in full is required 4 weeks beforehand.
  • No refunds will be available for cancellations advised later than 3 weeks beforehand.


Rollo Browne

Rollo BrowneRollo has over twenty years experience as an executive coach and facilitator. He uses Action Methods – sociometry, sociodrama, psychodrama and role training – extensively in his coaching, facilitation and organisational development work. Specialising in impactful learning and development processes, the key to his work is to assist people and groups to access their own vitality and apply it in situations they face. Rollo’s professional experience of 30 years spans a variety of industries including Education, Health, Financial Services, Telecommunications, State & Federal Government and Not-For-Profit. He is Director of BrowneWright Consulting, Director of Training at Psychodrama NSW ( and an Associate with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership ( in Sydney.

Jenny Postlethwaite

Jenny PostlethwaiteJenny’s experience and special interest is in building the capability of organisations through people development, leadership and business culture. Her strength and flexibility as an experienced coach and facilitator complement her skills and experience in organisation and system change. Jenny has worked across a range of industry sectors including higher education, utilities, manufacturing, construction, finance and not for profit. In terms of her own ongoing professional development, Jenny’s focus has recently turned to training in Action Methods, a move which she sees as having significantly enriched and enlivened the spontaneity, quality and effectiveness of her coaching relationships and her facilitation work. Jenny is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, has her own organisational coaching business, Reach Coaching and is an Associate with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership ( in Sydney. Please contact Rollo (+61 417 682 085) or Jenny (Email Address:  +61 409 533 411) with any questions you may have regarding the workshop or the application of Action Methods in a coaching context. To register your interest in attending the workshop please complete and submit the form below. You will then be contacted by Jenny or Rollo to confirm your registration. Action Methods In Coaching – Registration Form

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