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What We Do

leadership_largeOur approach to executive coaching starts with you.
Why are you looking for coaching?
What are your needs?
What is your context?
What do you want to achieve?
We then work with you to achieve your goals.

We might work with you in a range of different ways:

  • Focusing on your roles and how you approach them.
  • Exploring your organisation as a system: using soft systems thinking, we will explore the system you are working in and where you can be more effective.
  • Helping you step outside the ‘scene’, as if you were directing a film or a play, enabling you to develop a fresh perspective on your and others actions.

We promise to challenge and provoke you, and are able to cut to your core issues quickly. We appreciate that real personal change comes from deep feeling plus insight, and we provide you a safe context where you are comfortable identifying and exploring your feelings and insights.

Rollo has over 15 years, or 5000 hours, coaching experience and is an accredited Level 2 Coach through The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Sydney, as well as being accredited in the Human Synergistics tools LSI, GSI, OCI & OEI.

case study

Chief Operating Officer, Large Financial Services Company

The COO came to us seeking to increase his influence with his peers and have more impact upwards in his organisation. The key steps in the coaching were:

  • We worked with him to identify and clarify his goals.
  • We helped him identify his ‘core values’ and as these were initially too general, we helped him clarify these.
  • We asked him to identify examples where he had learnt something about leadership, including poor leadership. From those examples, we helped him craft four ‘key phrases’ to capture how he wanted to work:
    1. I’m not afraid of conflict, but I hate secret agendas – I value straight talk and transparency.
    2. Delegating a task to me must include delegating the decision-making.
    3. I value a diversity of views.
    4. I want to have a robust team.

We then coached him in applying these values. We encouraged him to initiate conversations with his senior managers to say, ‘If you want to get the best out of me, these are the things that I stand for,’ and to clarify instructions and the boundaries of his responsibilities, especially when he was asked to take on a task or role.

He was recruiting staff for his team, and used his core values to inform his selection process, actively seeking people who would support those values.

After 12 months, the COO reported being more influential and effective, and being happier in his work.

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