organisational culture diagnosis & change implementation

What We Do

culture_largeWe work with a wide range of clients to support their organisational change programs. We develop tailored approaches to each task according to your organisational needs and context. This is characterised by developing a partnership with you, which then provides the basis for developing a joint perspective in the group about the need for change and the way to make that change happen.

There is no one method that suits all engagements, so we draw on a range of tools and approaches based on the needs of each project.

case study

IT Services, Large Financial Services Company

We worked successfully with an IT services branch of around 100 staff to dramatically improve the connection to the wider organisation and the performance of the branch.

We initially asked the group what they needed to improve the culture of the branch. The group however was not able to be more specific than general statements such as ‘we need better communications’.

We then asked the Senior Managers to identify several events that illustrated issues or concerns with the branch culture and turned these events into ‘stories’. We worked with the managers to further adapt these stories into four concrete behaviours that would indicate a healthy culture for the branch, which were:

  • Take initiative to address issues before seeking help.
  • Set development goals and act on them.
  • Follow through on what’s been agreed.
  • Think for yourself and plan to completion.

We supported the Chief Information Officer through a process for communicating and mandating these behaviours powerfully, and facilitated a meeting of the whole branch where the CIO presented these clearly and outlined the consequences of not changing. The CIO bet his bonus on a 50% increase in his performance score (measured by OCI), which was achieved in 12 months.

The overall result was an improved ability of the IT branch to make agreements with the rest of the business and increased credibility and effectiveness of the branch.

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